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The Universal Church and The Glory of Each Land

On the last two Saturdays, Bishop Burbidge ordained three new deacons and four new priests for this Diocese, which reminded me of my own ordination to the diocesan priesthood 16 years ago, also on the day before Pentecost. And the celebration of these ordinations and of Pentecost brings together two great themes of the Catholic […]

Canon Law and The Law of God

As most of you know, Bishop Burbidge is sending me to study canon law, starting in August in order to help out the chancery of the Diocese in various ways, such as annulment petitions, sacramental and parish issues, dealings among the faithful and relations with organizations not affiliated with the Diocese. It is a good […]

Missionaries Coming To Town

On two weekends in June, we will have missionaries here at this parish to promote support for the Church around the world. On June 16 and 17, Father George Kintiba will be celebrating Mass and giving homilies for Cross Catholic Outreach, whose priests have given presentations here during the last two years. On June 23 […]

An Education in Faith, Hope and Charity

We are now in the midst of graduation season. Most colleges and universities have held graduation ceremonies recently; and the elementary and high schools will soon do so. In this context, it is helpful to reflect upon the idea of education, and how all of this life should be an education in the ways of […]

Mothers’ Day and Communion

On Sunday, we celebrate both Mothers’ Day and the First Communion for five of our parishioners; it is thus a good opportunity to reflect upon the unity between these sacred occasions. As Sister Briege McKenna, an Irish mystic, pointed out, there is a complementarity between Mary and priests as spiritual Mother and spiritual fathers. Mary, […]

Preparing for Our Lord in Communion

Five of our parishioners will be receiving First Communion next Sunday, which is also Mothers’ Day. This joyous occasion is a good time to reflect upon the glory and privilege of receiving the very life, human and divine, of Jesus Christ into our very selves. Anyone, Catholic or non-Catholic alike can come into the presence […]

The Renewal of Pentecost

This Sunday two of our parishioners Darren and Monica Vaughn will be receiving the sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Michael Burbidge at Saint Peter Church. At the Easter Vigil, five of our parishioners, Sandra, Kathleen, Josephine, Sarah and Anna Modersohn, likewise received Confirmation, along with Baptism and First Communion, as they came into the Church […]

Jesus Alive With Us

Following upon last week’s article describing the Passion of Christ, for Easter we here consider how the four Gospels present Jesus risen from the dead. All four Gospels begin with the holy women coming to the tomb on Easter morning to mourn Jesus. There is a colossal earthquake, shaking heaven and earth. Angels come to […]

Ways of Seeing the Passion of the Christ

On this Sunday, the main Gospel reading focuses on the Passion in preparation for the Good Friday remembrance of Jesus’ sacrifice for our salvation. Continuing last week’s reflection on the four Gospels, this article will comment on how each of them presents His sacrifice for our salvation.The Gospels of Matthew and Mark are similar in […]

The Gospels and the Four ways of Seeing Jesus

As Holy Week and Easter approach, it is helpful to read about the crucifixion, death and Resurrection of Jesus, as described in the four Gospels. As outlined in a bulletin article from January, the four Gospels present the life of Jesus from different perspectives in order to bring out the full richness of this mystery. […]