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Social Distancing

Dear Parishioners: Please know how grateful I am, (and I know the parishioners are as well) for the hard work our parish cleaning crew is doing to keep us all safe. Thank you, Ladies! We are also appreciative of the volunteers who came out to help us move furniture, measure, delineate social distancing spaces, do […]

Guidelines from the Diocese

May 15, 2020 It is great news that we are now beginning to offer public celebrations of the Mass in some areas of our diocese. While we would like to join together as quickly as possible, we must proceed cautiously, consistent with guidance from state and local officials and health experts, in an effort to […]

Welcome Back!

Dear Parishioners: As we are reopening our churches in the Arlington Diocese and in particular, our beloved Our Lady of the Valley, while still maintaining guidelines of social distancing, I wanted to take this time to applaud your efforts by making the best of the stay at home mandate. I want to personally thank you […]

Happy Easter

Although today may not be filled with the glorious gatherings, delicious brunches, and family Easter egg hunts we’re accustomed to, Jesus Christ has still conquered the grave, and no virus, cancellations, or any circumstance can change that.  Let us rejoice in this most important day! Try to find joy in the small blessings–the sunshine and […]

Greetings from Your Pastor: Passion Sunday

I hope this note finds you and your loved ones well and in good health. Today is Passion Sunday and the Universal Church has entered Holy Week. This week will culminate with the holiest days of the year with the Paschal Triduum. Throughout this Lenten season, we have suffered from the inability to participate in […]

5th Sunday of Lent

Greetings from Your Pastor: 5th Sunday of Lent          I hope this message finds all of you well and that you are reaping the many graces through the prayers and devotions that you are offering.  It is our second weekend of the suspension of public Masses, and our separation from each other […]

Saving for a rainy day

Saving for a Rainy Day (like today) as Modeled in Scripture By MSGR.  CHARLES POPE In the young adult Bible study at my parish (conducted on Zoom during the current crisis), we have been reading through the Book of Genesis. Most recently, we’ve been studying the story of Joseph the Patriarch. Genesis 41 features the […]

Flocknotes Notice

Dear Parishioners: During these challenging times, we must be able to communicate with you by utilizing our Flocknote program. We’ve been advised ( after much research) by the technology professionals at Flocknote that some of our communications are not reaching you.  The emails have been going into a spam folder. When our email to you […]

Update March 23

Dear Parishioners, It is a great sadness for Bishop Burbidge and me that our parish, as well as all parishes in the Arlington Diocese, will not be able to offer public Masses until further notice. This measure was taken to protect our physical health, but we must also seek to ensure our spiritual health. Together, […]