Series – Faith in America



Saturdays, February 23 – May 4

From 1 to 2 in the church annex



Fr. Horkan will give talks on the heroes and heroines, the growth and the struggles, the past and future of the Catholic Church in America from the colonial days to the present.  

Feb. 23:     The Faith Comes to a New Land: The Church in Colonial America

March 2:    The Faith and Revolution: The Church and the Early Days of the United States

March 9:    The Faith in a Young Republic: The Church in Early 19th Century America

March 16:  The Faith as a Nation Grows: The Church in the Mid-19th Century America

March 23:  The Faith, War, Liberty and Industry: The Civil War and the Late 19th Century

March 30:  The Faith and Rising Powers: The Church in Early 20th Century America

April 6:      The Faith and Rapid Change: The Church in America during the 1920s and 30s

April 13:    The Faith in War and Peace: World War II and the Early Cold War

April 27:   The Faith Renewed and Challenged: Vatican II and the 1960s and 70s

May 4:      The Faith, Crisis and Initiative: The Church in America at the New Millennium