Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

In the Gospel passage for this Sunday, Our Lord presents three parables that illustrate what the Kingdom of heaven is like.

The first two parables show us the great value of the Kingdom of God.

The heavenly Kingdom is so valuable that people would go to great lengths in order to possess it, much like the man who finds the treasure in the field and the merchant who finds the pearl of great price.

They both sell all that they have so that they may acquire their newfound treasures.

Now for us who follow in the way of Christ, we have a treasure waiting for us in eternity. And if you think about it, the heavenly Kingdom is ours for the taking since Our Lord opened it for us through his Passion and Death therefore, the Kingdom is the pearl of great price.

Our eternal life was acquired for us at a very great price… the price being the life of the only Son of God, who laid down His life out of His immense and infinite love for us so that we may be saved and have for our possession the eternal Kingdom.

Through the death of Our Incarnate Lord, heaven was opened for all of us, and it became ours for the taking.

But not everyone will enter into their heavenly inheritance, and this is what the third parable; the Parable of the Net teaches us.

This parable is similar to the Parable of the Weeds in the Field which was the Gospel passage for last Sunday, and both parables illustrate what will happen at the last judgment, the separation of the good from the bad. The good will go into their heavenly reward while the evildoers will suffer eternal punishment where there’ll be wailing and grinding of teeth.

The Parable of the Net presents an accurate image of how all will be gathered together, and then the good and righteous in the sight of God will be separated from the bad and evil.

And so, with these images of the Kingdom in mind (the Kingdom being our precious treasure) we must keep in mind that only the good and righteous will be judged worthy to inherit this precious treasure. We are called to live for Christ and His Kingdom