Prayer in the Season of Lent

In last week’s bulletin, the Lenten practices of almsgiving, fasting, and abstinence from meat were covered, and the third traditional Lenten practice of prayer is the subject of
this weekend’s article.

Many treatises and books have been written on the subject of prayer, and so, one short article will not be able to scratch the surface of this loving conversation that we call prayer.

Prayer is communication with the Lord, and it is vital to the spiritual health of the follower of Christ. It takes on many forms, but ultimately, prayer is a conversation with God. The great season of Lent helps us to refocus on the discipline of prayer. Life has many challenges, and finding time to pray throughout the day can be very difficult. It’s not a matter of finding time but making time to engage with the Lord in prayer. Lent aids us in acquiring the discipline to make prayer a permanent part of our lives.

As there are many forms of prayer, such as recited prayer, mental prayer/meditation,contemplation, and any combination of the above, it is most important to follow the urge or inspiration as the Holy Spirit leads us. Yes, it is easy to delay the prayer and save it for a later time because of our busyness, but it is laudable to immediately follow the movement of our heart, soul, and mind to pray. It does not have to be a long prayer. It could be just a few words with our heart and mind filled with fervor directed to the God of love. After all, the Lord could be sending us help at that given time, especially if it is a difficult time.

In all, I can give many instructions on how to pray during this great season of grace and beyond Lent, but I will give just one simple instruction for you to stay in constant communication with the Lord. Whenever you are inspired or moved to talk to the merciful and loving God,

ASAP… Always Say a Prayer.

He is waiting to hear from you!
Have a most blessed and Grace-filled Lent.