The true character of ministry is a servants heart

The true character of ministry is a servants heart. We encourage parishioners to become involved in the ministries of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church. All are welcome to participate!

Parish Council

Working in cooperation with our pastor

The Function of the Parish Council

The parish council serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor. We provide assistance where needed in helping develop programs, making suggestions which help support the parish and help in determining the direction of our parish.

Current Members

  • Keith Robinson, Chairman
  • Eleanor Ames, Secretary
  • Sharon Booker
  • Susan & Phil King
  • Frank & Carolyn Pandolfo
  • Burrous Snelling
  • Jay Fuller
  • Sandra Modersohn
  • Rose Ann Smythe

Parish Finance Council

Members of the Finance Council are:

  • Frank Pandolfo, Chair
  • Eleanor Ames, Secretary
  • Sharon Booker
  • Irene Sommers

Knights of Columbus

Council 8393 was formed in 1983 to support the parish of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church in Luray, Virginia. While we remain a small council, we are involved with our community, our families, our parish and our faith. The four guiding principles of the Order are Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

The Knights of Columbus today are Catholic men and their families who are dedicated and caring. They serve our Church, our community, our country and their fellowman, working together for a better tomorrow.

If you are a practical Catholic gentleman over the age of 18 and you want to be involved with the good works that our Order promotes, you may wish to join our fellowship.

“As a fraternal benefit society, the [Knights of Columbus] Order operates in accordance with the laws relating to such groups. These regulations require a representative form of government comprised of a supreme governing or legislative body and subordinate branches.

Members are elected, initiated and admitted into the society according to the provisions of its constitution, laws and rules.” Application for membership is open to practical Catholic men in union with the Holy See, and who are at least 18 years of age. The Order offers a highly rated insurance program.

Church Activities: Our council, through its members, supports Our Lady of the Valley parish through contributions of time and money. We provide ushers for mass and we provide counting teams to assist the pastor with the weekly stewardship. Often we are called upon for special duties in and around the church. Our support of our religious, leads us to conduct vocations promotions programs through “Keep Christ in Christmas” and other campaigns. We promote and sponsor Rosary and prayer services.

Family and Youth Activities: To strengthen family ties and build community, the council provides several activities. We hold numerous “Family Fun Days” which include our Fishing Tournament, the Halloween Party, and other special events. Contest and competitions are supported and we have had several state-wide winners from our local entries. We co-sponsor (with the Ladies Club) the parish picnic and the parish Christmas party (with a visit from Santa who is personally contacted by council 8393).

Charities: Each council supports numerous charities as well as the State Council’s charities. A few of the charities that we have supported are the local chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, Council on Domestic Violence (Choices), Page One, Page Pregnancy Center, Boy Scout Eagle projects, KOVAR, vocations to the priesthood and Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church. We also have provided scholarships for local science fairs students and scholarships for our Young Man and our Young Woman of the Year. Our members contribute to the community through thousands of hours of volunteer service. Other projects have included promotion of Special Olympics activities, sponsorship to Camp Easter seals for a local resident and donations toward playground equipment for students with special needs.

KOVAR: Knights Of Virginia Aid the Retarded. The Knights of Columbus are the largest contributor by a private organization to this charity. Each council distributes Tootsie Roll™ candy and takes up donations one weekend a year. All of the money collected is then redistributed by the State Council’s KOVAR board, based on applications made to that board by industry or groups that employ or help the retarded citizens of Virginia. Locally, ShenPaCo received over $19,000 in 1999 from the KOVAR fund.

Council Activities: Social activity of a council contributes to the enjoyment and edification of the membership. Council 8393 offers such programs as: insurance nights to discuss the benefits of the Knights excellent insurance program with the members, food socials, memorial masses, membership drives, and Knight and Family of the month.

Insurance: Beyond the outstanding volunteer and social opportunities, the Knights provide a variety of benefits to members and their families.
Member/Spouse accidental death benefits are provided and are based upon the years of continued membership in the Order.

Council 8393 meets the first and third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 P.M. in the Common Room of Our Lady of the Valley Church.

If you are a member of Our Lady of the Valley in Luray, VA (or a nearby parish), check with an usher at mass.

If you are a member of another parish, check with your Pastor; if you are not in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Panama, Cuba, Guam, the Virgin Islands, or the Dominican Republic, contact the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus.

Council #8393 was formed under the guidance of Fr. Eugene Neyer (deceased), who was the pastor of Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church in 1983. The council was named after Fr. Neyer’s late friend and spiritual advisor, Monsignor Paul V. Heller. The council has been recognized for its outstanding efforts by the Va. State Council and by local communities.

Since our founding, we have endeavored to follow the five objectives of the Knights of Columbus:

  • to support the Church;
  • to build fraternal bonds through social, religious, educational and athletic activities;
  • to provide comfort and assistance to the sick, disabled, and needy members and their families;
  • to reach out to meet community needs through programs of charity and service;
  • to provide for the financial security of our members and their families through our fraternal insurance and financial planning program.

The emblem consists of a shield mounted upon the Formée cross. The shield is that associated with a medieval knight.

The Formée cross is the representation of a traditional artistic design of the cross of Christ through which all graces of redemption were procured for mankind. This then represents the Catholic spirit of the Order.

  • Mounted on the shield are three objects: a fasces (a bundle of rods bound together about an ax with the blade projecting) standing vertically and, crossed behind it, an anchor and a dagger or short sword.
  • The fasces from Roman days, carried before magistrates as an emblem of authority, is symbolic of authority which must exist in any tightly-bonded and efficiently operating organization.
  • The anchor is the mariner’s symbol for Columbus, patron of the Order, while the short sword or dagger was the weapon of the Knight when engaged upon an errand of mercy.

Thus, the shield expresses Catholic Knighthood in organized merciful action, and with the letters, K of C, it proclaims this specific form of activity

Ladies Council

“The Altar Society was formed in June of 1951 when Mass was being held in the Rotary Room at the Mimslyn Hotel. Their initial duties included helping with catechism and decorating the altar. They met in the members’ homes. When the Church was completed, the Ladies’ Club met there and began to raise money by selling aprons and religious articles.

In addition, money was raised by a Mrs. Hosey of New York City by hosting card parties at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, benefiting Our Lady of the Valley. Following our incorporation into the new Diocese of Arlington in 1977, the club became part of theNational Council of Catholic Women.

Today the Women’s Club continues to be the backbone of our Parish. Annually, they make by hand a beautiful quilt for raffle. The money raised supports their many good works for Our Lady of the Valley including the purchase of altar goods and the maintenance of the altar linens and vestments, provision of food for the needy, teaching and supporting the religious education classes, the organization of our annual Christmas party, parish picnic, and our First Communion and Confirmation classes. Most generously, the Women’s Club provides and organizes luncheons for bereaved families following Funeral Masses.

The Women’s Club [now called the ‘Ladies Council’] of Our Lady of the Valley provides the funds and labor for many of the parish activities. Though their quiet and efficient work is rarely recognized, the fruits of their labor have been enjoyed by all parishioners for 50 years

Every woman in the parish is a member of the Ladies Council!  Some of the many activities the Ladies Council has participated in throughout the years include:

  • Service as an Altar Guild: Maintaining, purchasing, and cleaning the liturgical vestments, albs, server’s robes and altar linens. Cleansing of sacred vessels.
  • Care of the Church: Cleaning the main church, annex, sanctuary, sacristy, meeting rooms and facilities, as well as purchasing and stocking the supplies for doing so.
  • Preparation of the Church for the various Liturgical Seasons: Decorating and providing flowers for Easter, Christmas and Pentecost.
  • Organization for First Communion and Confirmation: Providing flowers and serving refreshments.
  • Coordination of Church Events: Working with the Knights of Columbus on the annual Christmas Party and Church Picnic.
  • Luncheons for Bereaved Families: Preparing meals following Funeral Masses.
  • Masses: Having Masses said for deceased parish members and for All Souls Day.
  • Care for those in Need: Providing meals for needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Organizing and donating food to Page One with Manna Sunday.
  • Church Needs: Providing paper products for church functions.

Even if you are unable to attend our meetings, please consider becoming an active member of this lovely group!

Perhaps you would like to assist us in a specific area of our ministry? Or drive someone to Mass, prepare food, or help in another way that interests you? Let us know!

Join the Ladies Council for regular meetings on the third Wednesday of each month, September through May, at 10:00 A.M. The meetings are held in the Shared Room.

Eucharistic Ministers / Lectors

Serve the Lord by serving his people. We are always in need of those who want to minister to shut ins and the sick. We can always use those who wish to proclaim the good news of the Lord. If you are interested, please contact Father Perez

Music for Liturgies

What better way to proclaim the glory of God then through music. If you have a talent of playing piano, or another musical instrument or a desire to lead us in song please volunteer to help make our services more meaningful in musical praise to the Lord.

From our Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church Music Coordinator, Mrs. Sandra Modersohn

“Sing praise to him, play music; proclaim all his wondrous deeds!”

Psalm 105:2 is a great reminder of why we sing!
Did you know that the bible mentions making music for the Lord over 100 times?  Come!  Join us in praising and worshiping our Lord through song!

OLV Youth Group

The Youth Group holds meetings on a regular basis and Joel is in the process of forming a youth choir. Contact Joel Fernandez, Youth Director at: Fernandez.joel.317@gmail.com