16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

In the Gospel passage for this Sunday, the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Our Lord and Savior presented three parables to the crowds concerning the kingdom of heaven, and at the request of his disciples, he explained the first parable of the weeds to them.

Our Lord spoke in parables in order to teach and illustrate various matters concerning the Son of Man and His kingdom in familiar terms which the people understood matters which “lain hid- den from the foundation of the world” and remains hidden until its fulfillment at the end of time.

The parable was the way in which Our Lord would unlock and reveal the supernatural mysteries of God and heaven in real and tangible ways to those who were willing to hear Him.

As for the parable of the weeds; during the time Our Lord dwelt on the earth, it wasn’t uncom- mon for one’s enemy, in an act of malice, to ruin another’s crops by planting weeds among his good wheat growing in a field.

And the only way to save the wheat was to let the wheat and weeds grow together until the wheat was ready to harvest, and then, the wheat and weeds would be gathered together and then separated.

In Our Lord’s explanation of the parable of the weeds, He teaches His disciples about the mis sion of His work in the world in spreading good seed . The adversary plots to ruin the good seed, who are the children of God, by planting weeds or bad seeds along with the good seed, and how God allows the good to coexist with the bad for only a limited time. The harvest, at the end of time,the weeds will be collected and discarded.

In all, the parable of the weeds illustrates for us the mystery of God allowing evil to exist with the good in this world; (a world which had been saved through the blood of His only Son), and the eschatological events in which the evildoers and scandalmongers are separated from the innocent and righteous people at the Last Judgment by Our Lord, a just and merciful judge.

Simply put, the unrepentant sinners will suffer eternal punishment in a place of “wailing and grinding of teeth” (totally isolated away from God), and the just and righteous will go to their eternal reward in heaven.

Father Perez