This week, I would like to provide an update on the improvements to the church and the grounds that are taking place and that we are considering for the future.

First, during the last month, a company came in to clean out the air conditioning ducts so that they would work better; and an electrician has been working on improving the lighting so that there will be a more comfortable and brighter environment for the church.

During this next week, we will be placing new tile in the church and the surrounding rooms to replace the current carpeting and older tile in the church and the annex.  The new tile in the church will have the appearance of hardwood, reflecting the woods and trees that glorify this area.

The surrounding rooms will have a tile that has the theme of a stone floor, reflecting the solidity of the earth and of the faith.

In the fall season, we will place marble on the floor of the sanctuary to set it off as a sacred place where Christ comes in the Eucharist and other liturgies to be with His people.  The current blue carpeting has served us for the last 40 years or so, but has become a bit worn; and now is a good time to put down a more solid base for the church.

We are also looking into refinishing and repairing the pews.  The current wooden pews are basically solid and will remain.  However, they could use a new veneer to help reflect their sacred purpose.  In addition, some of the kneelers need repair; and in general, they are too close to the back of the next pew for many people.  We are talking to a carpenter about making those updates and repairs.

Furthermore, the windows in the paneled room and the curtains in the annex could be replaced with newer models that provide a fresher feel to these areas of our building.

For the outside of the church, there have been proposals to place a path through part of the property that would have covered images from a traditional devotion, such as the Stations of the Cross.

We could also add a path to the current statues of St. Francis and St. Joseph.

I will be discussing these plans with the Pastoral Council, and Finance Committee, and parishioners in general.  I am very open to recommendations on these or other points to make the physical appearance of this church more and more reflect the glory of the greater kingdom.