From Bishop Loverde

Together in the Heart of Christ, Remarks by the Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde at the “Together in the Heart of Christ” Celebration on November 2,2 015:

I am profoundly grateful, more than I can put adequately into words. I heard so many beautiful things this evening, and I am very grateful for those heartfelt expressions. I kept thinking, “I wonder if there is someone else here named Paul Loverde! Who is he?” And yet it would be ungracious of me not to accept them and to acknowledge the progress that has taken place in these 16 years here. We have done it together, in Christ, and from that power that comes from the overflowing love of His heart. Indeed there has been much progress, much achievement, but as I said, we have done it together. No bishop can do things by himself. Impossible. And all the more impossible for me. So yes, in Christ’s name, we have done it: yes, with my leadership, yes with the collaboration of all of you… Read more in the Arlington Catholic Herald.

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