Pastoral Prudence & Parish Security

No! Not another housekeeping message!
It is not my intention to write another article regarding what was sent out by Flocknote on Thursday, February 27, but the importance of this message necessitates a repeat.
Our bulletin provides another way to reinforce and update what I said at all Masses last Sunday.

1. The cold and flu season
2. The missing items from the church

During this influenza season, we are asking parishioners with known symptoms of flu to refrain
from attending Mass and other parish activities for the duration of their illness and up to 24 hours after the symptoms abate. Contagious illness excuses one from the obligation to attend Mass.
We have suspended the exchange of handshaking during the Sign of Peace until further notice.

For further reading on this topic, here is a web address to an article from the Archdiocese of Denver website written by one of their deacons: cdc-virologist-shares-coronavirus-tips/

Regarding parish security, over the past few months, before I arrived as your pastor, several items have disappeared.

1. The Icon of Our Lady of the Valley, which was in the meeting room, was the first item taken off the wall a few weeks before my arrival in late-June and has not been seen since then.
2. The smaller red glass fixtures for the votive candles have diminished in numbers over the last few months.
The latest items disappeared sometime Tuesday, February 25:
1. A set of reading lamps on the piano.
2. A small brass candle snuffer.
3. Two more small red glass fixtures from the votive candle stand.

4. The antique set of altar bells.

A police report was given last Monday morning (March 2), and security measures are being con- sidered.

I intend to keep the church open so that people can pray and visit Our Lord in the tabernacle, but
the church will be locked up about thirty minutes after sundown, which is a change from 9:00 PM.

As we are in the great season of Lent, please come to the church to pray to the Lord.

May the good Lord bless all of you, Fr. Perez