Renovating and Improving our Current Facilities

Over the past few months, through recommendations, observation, and consultation, many maintenance issues for the church have been brought to my attention. Presently, the parish, with the assistance of the diocese’s Office of Planning, Construction, and Facilities (OPCF) is in the bidding process regarding the major addition project started by my predecessor Fr. Horkan.

With everything that has come to my attention, along with the potential expense that will be involved in carrying out the repairs and improvements to the church, the construction of the new addition to the annex has been postponed.

After careful deliberation by our Finance and Parish Council, our building committee, and the Office of Construction, it was determined to postpone the building project until further notice. Please
know that all parties involved took this decision under advisement prayerfully and with full fiduciary responsibility. In all, the rising costs of construction and the costs for the necessary maintenance for the church and grounds were factored into the decision as well. The maintenance issues that need attention are as follows:.
I. The rooms downstairs will need to be thoroughly cleaned and renovated due to the high humidity and noticeable odor of dampness.
II. The necessity of parking spaces for the disabled and a lane for emergency vehicles near the entrances to the church building are needed; to include:
a) Marked lines for the driveway into the church lot for better visibility at night and adverse weather conditions.
b) Painting designated parking space lines.

The following is our plan to move forward.
I. A new confessional, as per diocesan guidelines, will be installed.
II. A new HVAC unit for the annex to replace the existing unit, which is old and leaking and not energy efficient.
III. The front doors of the church and repainting of the vestibule, to include a renovation of the portico entrance.
IV. Roof inspection with a possible repair/replacement.
V. Repairing sheetrock damage and repainting the walls of the church sanctuary.
VI. A remodel of the larger bathroom to make it ADA compliant and accessible.
All items must be addressed.

The Finance and Parish Councils and I thank you for your patience and understanding as we bring Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church to a safe, secure, and code compliance facility.

God bless you.