Social Distancing

Dear Parishioners:

Please know how grateful I am, (and I know the parishioners are as well) for the hard work our parish cleaning crew is doing to keep us all safe. Thank you, Ladies!

We are also appreciative of the volunteers who came out to help us move furniture, measure, delineate social distancing spaces, do all the necessary things to remain safe and healthy, and help us reopen the church to the parishioners and visitors.

To maintain social distancing, you will notice some of our pews are cordoned off and cannot be used.

Most importantly, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines as given by the Diocese.

You will notice two blue strips of tape to the right and the left of the altar; please sta- tion yourself there to receive Holy Communion. Our ushers will direct you, one pew at a time.

I will come to you with Communion, which you may receive in the hand or on the tongue ( your preference) while maintaining six feet of social distancing between com- municants.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and cooperation as together, with Jesus and His Blessed Mother, we get thrpough these challenging times.

I remain so humbled and grateful to you for continuing your very generous weekly. offertory.

My prayers, gratitude and God’s grace to all of you, Father Perez