Monthly Food Drive

donate foodThe Ladies Council sponsors a monthly food collection, “Manna Sunday,” to benefit Page One, on every Second Sunday. Please bring non-perishable items and place them in the Vestibule and the Annex bins. Thanks for your support!

The next collection is Sunday, February 13/14, 2016.

March for Life

Our Lady of the Valley and the Knights of Columbus are sponsoring a bus to the 43rd annual March for Life and Rally in Washington D.C. on Friday, January 22, 2016.We will travel with members of Valley Family Forum and Blessed SacramentChurch in Harrisonburg, VA.

The cost is $20.00 per person, which does notcover the cost of meals. The bus will make a fast food stop in Haymarket, VA,on the return trip. The bus will leave the Our Lady of the Valley parking lotaround 9:00 A.M., and return around 8:00 P.M.

If you are interested in attending the March forLife, please sign-up in the Church Vestibule by Saturday, January 16, 2016.

For more information on the March for Life,visit our March for Life tab. This year’s theme is: “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman go Hand in Hand“.

The Rally and start of the March locations aredifferent this year. Find an interactive map of the route, (here). Download the March for Life 2016 mobile app, (here). Readthe 2016 March for Life Planner, below, and download it, (here).

Please contact Jim Bradecamp at 540-860-2715 formore information. See you at the March!

Serving the Holy Family

Serving the Holy Family in News Ways, A Column by the Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde:

“When Pope Francis visited the United States last year, he spent a great deal of timedescribing familiar experiences of families throughout the world: the joy of married life; the generosity exercised in raising children; and the treasure found in grandparents’ wisdom, among others.

At the same time, he describedall-too-common challenges that families face in our world: unemployment andunderemployment; the experience of caring for children with special needs andfamily members who are ill; and the ordinary challenge of maintaining healthycommunication and quality time in a busy world filled with many distractions.”

Read more in the Arlington Catholic Herald.