Working in cooperation with our pastor

The Function of the Parish Council

The parish council serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor. We provide assistance where needed in helping develop programs, making suggestions which help support the parish and help in determining the direction of our parish.

Current Members

  • Keith Robinson, Chairman
  • Eleanor Ames, Secretary
  • Sharon Booker
  • Susan & Phil King
  • Frank & Carolyn Pandolfo
  • Burrous Snellings
  • Sandra Modersohn
  • Kathleen Murphy
  • Rose Ann Smythe
  • Irene Sommers

Parish Council  Minutes

The following are minutes from council meetings. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact a council member or the parish office.

Facilities / Maintenance Committee

Eleanor Ames
Sam Finlay
Philip & Susan King
Sandra Modersohn
Kathleen Murphy
Frank Pandolfo
Father Perez
Dave Scadden
Rose Ann Smythe
Royce Sommers
Irene Marie Sommers