Reflection by Rev. Leonard N. Peterson

Part of what makes us a mobile society is our automobiles. If that mobility is ever hampered by any “geographical disability” on our part, there is always our GPS device handy and helpful. Or is it always?  This marvelous device, a real boon to anyone timid about setting forth into the unknown destination, sometimes just doesn’t work.

I experienced that recently when I was enroute to a wedding hotel site. Luckily, the tech savvy bridegroom talked me right to the door of the place using my smartphone, which itself is another modern marvel. Even the best gadgets are vulnerable and can never replace a helpful human being.

But here’s a question.  What or who do we turn to for guidance on our life’s spiritual journey homeward?  There are trustworthy spiritual directors, yes. But many people go through life without one. There are professional guidance counselors, but they might not be people of our Faith.  We trust our saints to fill the bill, but their help depends on our diligent research for their words of wisdom.

In the end, it is the divine Trinity whom we celebrate today who are the first and best guides, easily accessible through prayer. For the moment I would like to highlight the Holy Spirit’s role as guide for our lives, He whom we celebrated for His dramatic showing only last Sunday on Pentecost.

We can understand how the chosen Twelve needed deeper insight into what they witnessed when they were with Jesus along with the preaching skills to deliver their message. The Holy Spirit was their inspiration.

But today we have the perfect opportunity to assess our personal devotion to the entire Blessed Trinity.  Do we pay attention to the words of the “Glory be” prayer when we pray it?  Do we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit before making a big decision?  Or, perhaps as a student, before taking an exam?  Just two instances when our need is the Spirit’s call for His help.

On our life’s spiritual journey homeward to heaven, the Blessed Trinity knows best how to get there. The Holy Trinity is our best personal guide. But we do have to ask for their help. Finally, my advice to any of you who think of God as your Copilot—it’s time to swap seats!

God love you and give you His peace,

Reading I:  Proverbs 8: 22-31: Personified Wisdom claims a certain superiority over the rest of creation because he (she) pre-existed them.  The Holy Spirit is Wisdom in all its glory.

Reading II:  Romans 5: 1-5: Paul puts God as the source of our peace through our faith in Him and through Jesus Christ who gives us access to His grace.  This allows us to boast even of our afflictions because they are gifts.

The Gospel:  John 16: 12-15: There is real consolation for the disciples in that they will soon have the Holy Spirit as their guide into all the truths Jesus taught, which in turn will comprise the essence of their message to the world.