If one were to ask what the greatest fear that limits people today is, many would answer with such things as financial insecurity, fear of illnesses, or fear of rejection. But the fact that such fears are even recognized limits their power.

Perhaps instead the greatest fear in the modern world is the fear of engaging in true love. This true love is no mere emotion, but involves the awe-inspiring recognition that the glory of God is present here and now, and that each person we meet is called to be an immortal prince or princess whom God values so much that His Divine Son gave His life on Calvary for each one of us. It is far easier to settle for lesser, more contained pleasures, such as superficial relationships, cheap entertainment, and the fads of popular culture.

For such things are easily understandable and focus one on limited contentment. By contrast recognizing the infinite love God, and our calling to live forever in that ever-expanding vision calls for a complete and radical commitment of life and a willingness to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us more and more into a mysterious adventure that we do not control, but rather that continually challenges us to ever deeper levels.

Such a willingness to engage is this true love involves great courage, but gives the sacred joy that alone can satisfy the human heart. Each person’s vocation is the deepest way of living out this calling of divine love.

Married couples commit themselves to each other in an adventure of life, not leaving a back door or closing the door to life, but rather accepting the new challenges of each year and of new children.

Religious brothers and sisters are consecrated to a communion that spans time and space, joining men and women together in a spiritual tradition (e.g., Franciscan, Dominican, Benedictine) and an alliance to bring the light and power of heaven to this earth.

Priests commit themselves to radical and lifelong service of God and His church through the mystery of the liturgy, faithful teaching, and lives of joyful sacrifice. Consecrated single men and women are called to be free in the Holy Spirit, not for self-interest, but for generosity, kindness and a willingness to take advantage of the many opportunities to serve God and neighbor.

God sends us forth on many walks of life; but they are all united by the heroic adventure of love.